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Council Of Heritage Motor Clubs N.S.W. Inc.

The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs is the State Body for heritage vehicle clubs based in country areas of N.S.W. However, clubs based in the Cities of Wollongong, Newcastle and Sydney are also affiliated members. Over 90 heritage vehicle clubs  throughout NSW are affiliated with the Council.
These clubs are the motivating force that promotes and preserves the Heritage Vehicle Movement. They have members with many varied, and often unique vehicles and who share one common purpose; that is, to keep alive the sight and sound the many forms of vehicles that were an integral part in the development of the Australian way of life and in building this Country’s commercial success.
The Council represents its affiliated clubs at State and National levels. It uses strength in numbers and the information it gathers to keep this irreplaceable part of Australian history alive and well.
This is not history locked away in a glass case, this is history moving as it did, for the enjoyment of those involved and the communities in which they live.


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