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Banner photo: 1911 Ford Model T tourer, 1930 Chrysler sedan and 1962 Rolls Royce saloon at Sumarez Homestead, Armidale, CHMC Annual Rally 2015.

The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW Inc. is the State group representing heritage vehicle clubs throughout all regions of N.S.W

Members of these clubs own, restore and preserve cars, trucks, motorbikes, buses and tractors that are over 30 years old. Some vehicles are over 100 years old, some are rare, some are unique and many are everyday vehicles from our nation's transport past. Their owners share one common purpose, to keep alive the sights and sounds of the vehicles that were an integral part of the automotive history of Australia.

The Council actively represents its affiliated clubs at State and National levels, by engaging with government agencies, related councils and associations,  community groups and business organisations on issues or trends that affect our members opportunities to maintain, use and enjoy their heritage vehicles.

Heritage motoring is history on the move 


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